Blueprinting, Implementing and Maintaining your Virtualization Strategy

SMB and enterprise IT decision-makers have long understood the benefits of virtualization – namely efficiency. With virtualization technology, managers and security experts can keep processes and systems in close alignment with needs and budgets while driving down the cost of hardware. While extremely valuable there are several things to consider while developing and enhancing a virtualization strategy.


Keeping track of your VM’s performance and usage stats is a full time job, and made even more trying by the fact that teams often have to oversee physical and virtual machines. You’ll need resources and software to ensure that you’re not consuming too much form a physical server.

IT professionals also will also monitor environments to ferret out issues before they arise, not just react as they come about. An MSP or cloud solution provider (CSP) like SSI can help with this.


Backup, business continuity, and security all go hand in hand with a robust antivirus, anti-intrusion plan. Ensuring that your networks are properly defended and your user base is properly protected can go a long way to prevent intrusion. Firewalls, prevention systems, VM security tools, and physical security system are all helpful and things to consider in a virtualization strategy.

Backup Processes

Data and information backup and business continuity is constantly in the news and should be at the top of every technology-related business decision. With a virtualization strategy, IT’s must have a specific plan for what systems, apps, and users are mission-critical and need to be backed up.

Experienced MSP’s can work with you to determine what exactly is mission-critical in order to keep you costs aligned with your business objectives. They can also build the best backup plan to meet your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) based on your industry-regulation needs.

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