Benefits of Leveraging an MSP for Managed IT Services in Philadelphia

Businesses across the Delaware Valley and beyond can benefit from leveraging a managed service provider for IT services. Here are 10 of the most crucial upsides.

Access to the top technologies with built-in support: Top MSP’s leverage leading-edge, enterprise-class technology partners to service their clients. By leveraging an IT service provider, organizations across industries and verticals in Philly gain access to these solutions, as well as a team that is constantly researching the latest technology options on your behalf.

Breaking the break-fix model with a predictable monthly cost: Stability in cost-structure is one of the biggest benefits of a managed IT service provider. Instead of costs springing up whenever a system goes down, you outsourced IT vendor is proactively looking for issues before they arise.

IT Service Flexibility: While your monthly costs are predictable for support, backup, mobile device management, etc. MSP’s have access to resources that make technology projects easy.

Scale for growth easily: Your business is growing – that’s great! As your organization’s needs change so will your technology needs. On-premise infrastructure growing older and no longer cutting it? The best MSP’s in the area can help you scale with simple cloud migrations and management.

Security Consistency: No business is immune to hacks or malware. When ransomware hits enterprise-class orgs and government, it makes the news. But SMB’s are just as likely to be attacked and even more susceptible. Managed IT services providers can monitor and maintain your security posture 24/7/365. They can also implement a backup and business continuity plan that’ll keep your business running in the event of an outage or attack.

Outsourced Expertise: Staffing a full IT department on your own can get expensive – especially if your goal is to build a well-rounded team that specializes in different areas: security, infrastructure, efficiency, etc. The best MSP’s have specialist like that in-house, they also have business IT strategists and vCIO services to help you game-plan. All this at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house team or bringing in more resources.

A Single Point of Contact: Instead of having countless different departments and phones lines to call, a great managed service provider centralizes your support infrastructure. One phone number, a dedicated technician, and an account manager all at your fingertips. Of course, a fully-staffed helpdesk is also available for day to day support.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Business continuity and backup processes are an absolute must-have for modern businesses in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Not only are they susceptible to the hacks and attacks we’ve mentioned, but even more common are the storms, natural disasters, and even user error. Managed backup and business continuity from an IT support org can help you mitigate damage from these events.

Concrete SLA’s: Service level agreements make performance metric crystal clear. What are expected response times to issues? What should call waits look like? What are our mission-critical machines, apps, and systems that we need no matter what? A great managed IT service provider will work with you to lay these out clearly so that costs are kept in alignment with overall business objectives.

Energy Savings & A Green Solution: Virtualization services and hosting solutions from a managed service provider can substantially reduce the amount of energy your business uses. This will lower the bills that you’re paying and reduce the footprint your business has in the area.

A Technology Partner in the Philadelphia Area

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