Protecting Your Mobile Workforce: 3 Keys to Mobile Device Management (MDM)

As employees are increasingly working outside of the office, either occasionally or consistently, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are playing a larger part in serving clients and helping them meet deadlines. Mobile device management (MDM) solutions ensure that your team has the resources they need from any location and at any time, while also safeguarding confidential business data from unauthorized access.

Here are three aspects to consider when choosing a mobile device management solution:


To be productive on-the-go or after hours, your employees need to utilize the same applications and tools that power their jobs in the office. Whether they need access to Office 365, design software, internal websites, calendars or any other resource, an IT partner can help you download and manage the applications on each device in a timely, organized manner. Your team will also need a way to view confidential data and confirm their authorization to do so. Make sure to choose applications that sync across devices for a simplified, seamless experience.


Each new endpoint represents another chance for a malicious attack or unintentional data disaster. Your mobile device management (MDM) solution should include password complexity requirements and device auto-lock, as well as restrict the number of failed password attempts. In the event that a mobile device is lost or stolen, you should be prepared to instantly lock or wipe the device. Mobile device management (MDM) lowers your risk by allowing you to systematically enforce your cybersecurity requirements instead of relying on users to manage manual updates.

Flexibility and Cost

If you plan to provide mobile devices to your employees, you have more power to choose one operating system to support – but if you’re launching a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, you’ll need to support Apple, Android and Windows devices across operating systems. Mobile device management also helps you limit device purchases by identifying unused or missing devices that employees may have forgotten when leaving the company. With the right MDM solution, you can capture the cost benefits of a mobile workforce without high administration costs.

Mobile device management doesn’t have to be overwhelming – with our industry-leading technology solutions and unparalleled support and service delivered from our Solution Center, SSI provides support through every step of the process. Learn more about our MDM solutions or contact us today to receive your free IT assessment.