The future of work is changing as of the publication of this article. The demand for faster, better, safer ways to work is at an all-time high. The ability to work from anywhere, safely, requires a collaborative effort. Effectively managing remote employees requires the right tools and platforms. The good news is you can achieve all of the above, and more, with the Citrix workforce mobility solution.

How would your workforce processes change if you could access a next-gen converged platform that is easy to scale with your business?

Part of the lure of smart devices, laptops, and tablets are their ability to drive convenience and flexible computing. So then, people have gotten used to using computers while on the go – why haven’t businesses kept up? Although, without the right platform, mobility can increase the vulnerabilities of sensitive data. As such, the challenge is how can you facilitate workforce mobility, improve collaboration, boost the employee experience, and enhance efficiency without sacrificing security?

How can your business compete in a modern world without workforce mobility? As your business scales, can you find a workforce mobility platform that aligns with your growth? You can do just that through Workforce Mobility with Citrix.

Effectively transition to the contemporary digital workplace

Employees enjoy the convenience and ease that comes with mobility. Their smart devices in hand, they really don’t need to be at the office to get work done. Still, mobility is about more than remote access, it also needs to consider the mobility environment and how it can optimize the worker experience without sacrificing governance or cyber security.

Employees, and managers, know that the length of time it takes to access data can negatively impact productivity and customer service. On the other hand, Workforce Mobility with Citrix offers a consistent experience throughout multiple devices and operating systems so that collaboration continues without any interruptions – no matter how many different devices are used.

By utilizing Workforce Mobility with Citrix mobility, employees can truly achieve the hanging carrot called work/life balance. Instead, a sales rep can meet with a client without having to travel, a doctor can provide video health solutions, an insurance agent can complete a claim from their home office, and more. And, when your employees are happy, they in turn will want to keep your customers happy.

What about security? The good news is you will receive alerts often, and timely, to ensure you can always mitigate potential issues long before they create rampant problems. Security is paramount to mobility, and the Citrix solution protects your data whether it is on your devices or in the cloud. In fact, you can control access to apps and files regardless of where they are located.

The future of work is changing as we speak

Right now, we are living in a novel time rife with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the world is under a shelter-in-place directive with mandates about social distancing. Many can’t predict how long this will last or whether we can ever return to the way we used to live. But, the reality is this health crisis will change the way we work forever.

As companies rushed to transition most of their team members to work from home, people are relying even more on video conferencing, online chatting, emails, and social media platforms to stay in touch. Even when COVID-19 is under control, many people won’t return to the office and will instead choose to work from home indefinitely. As such, it helps to have a solution that provides the reliability, agility, and security employees need in times like these.

Final thought

What is one of the biggest transformations facing organizations today? Mobility and working from home. Business needs to accommodate users who want to move from one place to another without losing access to necessary resources. It’s time to fully empower your employees to get work done from anywhere, at any time.

The modern workforce also expects the employee experience to match the experiences they are used to in their personal lives, it has to offer always-on mobility. Workforce mobility isn’t just a passing trend, it is a permanent reality. Businesses should embrace it while providing the right infrastructure.

With other fundamentals coming into play such as increasingly connected devices and the growth of contract workers, organizations who enable workforce mobility will be the ones who thrive not just today but also in the future.