On January 14, 2020, less than six months away from today’s date, Windows 7 will meet the official end of its lifecycle. Here’s the critical question: Are you ready?

With this “End of Life,” Microsoft will no longer continue support for paid subscriptions, technical support, bug fixes, and security updates – whether you are an individual or business still running this particular Operating System. Sure, you can still use the system – but, at your own risk.

Nonetheless, the migration to Windows 10 will come with its own set of complications along the upgrade path. In fact, Windows 10 presents a paradigm shift for deploying a desktop Operating System.

Essentially, the transition to the Windows 10 desktop exhibits a massive leap forward in Microsoft’s intended strategy of implementing frequent feature updates, similar to the Windows mobile OS. As a result, the once-every-four-year migration with be replaced with the current lifecycle of Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS).

Based on historical context, desktop upgrade processes are already known for their time-consuming, complicated, disruptive, and risk-sensitive nature. Yet, the Windows 10 upgrade adds to that list with an overwhelming number of new features, interface changes, and even the possibility of having to learn more about new devices.

To ensure consistent compatibility with Windows, and maintain support with third-party vendors, existing applications will need to be either replaced or upgraded. In addition, creating a user-friendly desktop experience will require detail-oriented design and planning. As you can see, along with the new WaaS delivery model and upcoming deadline, the arduous challenges are clearly evident.

If you are still running Windows 7, there isn’t any question that you should start the planning process for migrating to Windows 10. Several months away is an expressly  short time frame for scheduling assistance with various service providers. The second half of 2019 will be tight for trainers, applications engineers, systems integrators, and consultants as many organizations start to stumble under the gravity of the upcoming deadline.

SSI is here to offer the help you need. Our company has been successfully executing Windows 7-to-Windows 10 migrations for several years now. We have assisted countless companies in their adoption of the latest Windows 10 lifecycle model. Plus, we have experience with multiple upgrades from the beta releases of Windows 10 to their most recent builds.

We have the expertise to ensure the migration results meet your requirements. Furthermore, we provide a unique GUI to help manage the design and planning stage of the process. In fact, we can offer a rewarding experience for both your IT department and your business.

There is never a good time for unanticipated downtime. To learn more about how SSI can help, please contact us today.