Keeping Cloud Costs Under Control With A Cloud Service Provider

Small and medium-sized businesses across the United States and Philadelphia area are moving to the cloud. SMB’s most commonly cite the predictable monthly fees, cutting-edge technologies and expert support 24/7 from cloud service provider (CSP) like SSI as reasons the cloud is the new business standard.

But those who haven’t leveraged a CSP and try to go at it along can find themselves overspending.

Here are 4 ways to keep your cloud budget in line:

Avoid Piecemealing Cloud Services: The cost of standalone services can add up and integrating multiple services into one cohesive plan is difficult. A cloud solutions partner can help you integrate all of your services or provide you with an out of the box solution that covers many of your needs in one fell swoop.

Clearly Define Backup Needs: Identifying mission-critical data, systems, applications, and machines can make a world of difference keeping backup cost in line. A great CSP will help you define exactly what you need to keep your org running in the event of a disaster or outage.

Stay on Top of User Management: This one falls into the CSP and managed services space. Keeping your user totals accurate will save money in not only accounts but in management costs. An MSP and CSP can help you clearly outline de-provisioning procedures that will not only save your org money but keep your security at 100%.

Finding a Cloud Service Provider that Fits Your Business

Overall, the best CSP for your business is the one that works with you to reach your overall business objectives and the best CSP’s are constantly monitoring your account proactively to stomp out problems before they become huge issues.

SSI can help you keep your cloud costs in exact alignment for your business objectives. Our cloud advisory assessment and vCIO services are a great place to start the process.