“The cloud” may sound like a tech buzzword, but it’s actually a simple shift in the way your business uses technology that can reap huge rewards. Cloud solutions take the place of desktop software and in-house servers in your business. Instead, you gain access to a remote network of servers, which you can access through the Internet to run apps and create, store, and share files. Among the most popular of these for business are cloud-based file sharing solutions, which let you access and manage your digital files – all online.

There are a number of big advantages to utilizing the cloud and a cloud solutions provider that you may not realize at first glance. Here are a few:

You improve security with cloud solutions providers

When you’re working “in the cloud,” your data doesn’t disappear from the real world. It still exists on actual, physical servers, operated by your file sharing service. That company becomes responsible for securing your documents, and the best cloud providers take that responsibility very seriously. Leaders in cloud security offer features such as end-to-end data encryption, file history audits, and user access controls to protect your sensitive data.

You free up IT resources

When you make a switch to working in the cloud, you greatly reduce your dependence on costly on-premise servers, which require regular maintenance and upgrades. You also don’t have to prepare your IT capacity for potential future growth or unforeseen circumstances. Taking that burden away from your IT staff allows you to use your company’s internal resources to a better advantage.

You save time

Through a file-sharing service, even large documents and videos are web-accessible to you or anyone with whom you choose to share them with. Everyone using a file-sharing site works from the most updated version of a document, simplifying collaboration. And if your business has been relying on email attachments for sending files, you’ll be excited to learn that cloud services can handle very large files – sometimes 100 GB or more.

You learn how to use it quickly

Compared to administering your own file server, cloud services are a walk in the park. You don’t have to install hardware or wait for a technician to come help you. Instead, you have full access to everything you need through your web browser as soon as you open your account. And if you don’t quite get it right away, that’s fine – many cloud solutions offer around-the-clock customer support and personalized training to help you when you need it.

You can customize it for your needs

Almost any business, from sole proprietorships to large corporations, can benefit from cloud file-sharing. Whether you are a large company with multiple projects, part of a regulated industry that requires special security, or run a small business with limited IT resources, your cloud solution likely has a plan that can be tailored to your exact needs.

Come fly in the cloud!

Now that you know a little more about the cloud, it’s worth considering what a file sharing solution can offer to you. These benefits – security, cost efficiency, time savings, ease of use, and customization – are all things to consider when choosing a cloud solution for your business.

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