There was once a time when small business tech support always took place onsite. But, with the advent of the cloud, the requirement for 24/7 onsite support has all but vanished. In fact, Remote IT services can be distributed using remote access tools. So what are remote IT services and why are they crucial?

What are remote IT support services?

This term, remote IT services, describes a set of procedures where IT issues can be mitigated from a remote location. Some remote IT support services include:

● Updates to server software
● Access to specific computer platforms such as a desktop or server
● Remote file management
● Execution of diagnostic programs
● Ongoing maintenance
● End user training for new software

What is onsite IT support?

When you’re talking about onsite IT support, you’re referring to hiring people to maintain your onsite IT environment. Support of this nature might be deployed by an in-house IT department or contractors. Of course, with onsite IT support, you can address issues immediately. Although, there are significant costs incurred for hiring and supporting an in-house team.

It’s not just about the salaries that must be paid out, but also the benefits. And since there are shortages in all areas of IT, it takes a lot of resources to hire top talent. As a result, many small-to-midsize businesses prefer the cost-efficiency that comes with remote IT services since they have 24/7 access to IT experts as well as quick issue resolution.

Benefits of remote IT services

There isn’t any question that remote IT services are the most cost-effective option for organizations who need IT support but don’t have the resources to hire a large in-house team or the top talent in IT. Not to mention, there isn’t any need to spend on training or certification costs either.

Further, remote IT services are available 24/7. In the digital era, your IT infrastructure is a crucial part of daily operations. As technology evolves, along with changes in consumer demand, companies need IT expertise – continuously. Instead of worrying about training your employees every few months, hire a remote IT services team who already have the latest certifications.

Remote IT services are on-demand

Your business doesn’t have to stop running due to an IT issue. Instead of waiting for tech support to arrive at your location, remote IT services is on-demand via a simple call, email, text, or instant message. You’ll have a team who works for you, when you need them, just like full-time employees. They understand your business and your infrastructure.

As a result, you don’t have to deal with random in-person tech support who have to study your infrastructure before any remediation is applied. And, you don’t have to pay for the cost of on-site visits either.

Invariably, managing your IT environment is quite time-consuming. Instead of putting out fires everyday, let a remote IT services team handle it all for you. So then, you can focus on more strategic work such as growing your business.

Give your employees their time back

If your employees are spending more time addressing IT issues than they are focused on their primary job responsibilities, then you will have a problem. For instance, unmitigated IT issues can severely impact overall productivity. In addition, when employees are focused on IT issues it means they have less time to focus on customers. On the other hand, when you work with a highly-trained remote IT services team, your employees can get their time back to focus on their primary job roles.

Access advanced technologies

Let’s be honest, business software can be quite expensive from the hardware to software licenses to the utilities required and space needed to house everything. As your business scales, so will your need for certain technologies. And, you can’t forget about compliance mandates which affect every industry.

Without IT experts, it will be difficult to remain competitive with the technologies your company uses. Also, you might not understand how to blend legacy systems with new applications and create redundant, complex, and vulnerable tech stacks. Keep it simple. Rely on remote IT services to keep your business ahead of the technology curve and competitive in the digital age.

Be proactive with maintenance

Usually, fires erupt because systems have not been properly maintained. It takes an ounce of prevention to ensure infrastructure and network stability. A remote IT services team will be there to provide ongoing maintenance to prevent any potential for network down times. Imagine how much each hour of downtime might cost your company. In comparison, remote IT services are a bargain. Fix problems before they affect your business

Final thought

Daily business operations require sophisticated remote IT services. Your team at SSI will always have the latest available in remote IT services to the advantage of your business.