One of the most innovative developments in modern technology history has been the accessibility to the cloud. In the context of data and storage back up, this has become a game-changer. Instead of purchasing, and maintaining, expensive onsite servers, businesses can rent storage space in the cloud, ensuring continuous and secure backup with scalability.

Why organizations choose the cloud for backup

With skyrocketing cyber threats and data breaches, organizations need the confidence of knowing data is available and protected – especially in the event of a hardware failure. Yet, when you back up your files in the cloud, they are immediately accessible everywhere. You don’t have to rely on a single server or computer. Even if an entire facility experiences a failure, your data can be safely accessed via secure server centers located throughout the world.

In addition, should you ever need to perform remote backup – you can do so quickly and seamlessly. Not to mention, cloud backup is significantly more affordable than the cost of expensive servers, electricity, and physical housing. You don’t have to hire additional staff for maintenance either.

In terms of security and compliance, you can rest assured you data is encrypted from end-to-end. And your data compliance regulations are managed based on your industry and country.

Off-site cloud backup gives your organization freedom from human error and data loss induced by natural disasters. Also, it doesn’t require additional software licenses or hardware. As your backup needs grow, you can easily update your plan.

Let’s take this a bit further around why cloud backup makes sense.

1. Doesn’t require physical infrastructure investment
Concerning hardware, all you need is your current computer network. As far as backups go, it’s a simple download.

2. Set it just once
Backups can be automated, so all your data is synced at the times you prefer. For instance, it could be every hour or every week. Relax without the need to back up your files manually.

3. Speedy recovery
In the age of big data, information is currency. As a result, you will need access to your data at all times. The good news is with a cloud backup solution; you can have peace of mind knowing your data will always be available even in the event of a natural disaster or otherwise.

4. Mitigate the IT headaches
With the cloud on your side, your IT department can spend more time focusing on strategic initiatives aligned with company growth objectives.

5. Surpass tape backup
Avoid the common pitfalls associated with expensive tape backup. Further, tape backup is quickly becoming obsolete. Moreover, the tapes are at risk of being physically stolen. And tape is merely unreliable and too time-consuming. Finding your data means finding the right tape, and tape doesn’t have guaranteed availability.

6. Only pay for what you need
Another benefit of cloud backup is you only have to pay for what you use. Instead of spending limited resources on hardware that you may never wholly utilize, the cloud allows you to invest in the capacity that makes sense for your business but can also scale when needed.

Enter Veeam cloud backup

Why has Veeam become so popular? First, it backs up virtual machine images instead of files and then stores those images within a centralized and secure location. If a disaster occurred, the images can be rebooted immediately and with a recovery time of under 15 minutes.

Veeam uses a hypervisor, which lets multiple VMs run on a single machine. Veeam will backup every virtual machine completely. Then, it facilitates duplication elimination and caching as needed to store new data onto the VM images.

Once you have partnered with your Veeam service provider, you can expect these competitive benefits:

  • Quick recovery – Veeam cloud backup lets you recover what you want when you want it.
  • Near – continuous data protection
  • Verified recoverability – Your Veeam service provider ensures you can recover every VM, application, or file.
  • Comprehensive visibility – You get consistent monitoring and alerts of any issues before they impact operations.

Currently, Veeam cloud backup serves 183,000 customers throughout the world, and that number continues to grow. With cloud backup as the premier choice for the digital age, it’s surprising that a few holdouts continue to rely on antiquated legacy systems for data backup.

The cloud is here, it’s no longer considered a future aspiration. In fact, companies who want to future-proof their businesses must invest in the cloud. Not only does cloud backup offer more flexibility, but it also provides more agility. As technologies continue to advance, the cloud is a crucial enabler for opening the door to new streams of revenue and business models.

If you’re ready to talk to a Veeam managed service provider about how cloud backup can benefit your company specifically, feel free to reach out to the experts at SSI.