Even if the business backup process is pretty tedious, cloud-based backup services have made tasks flow much faster and simpler. In addition, cost reduction has played a significant role in large-scale migrations to cloud-based enterprise backup products over expensive tape drives and external storage. Not to mention, management is much more straightforward and convenient with a reliable backup.

Let’s be honest, tape backups are challenging and time-consuming due to unreliable tape drives and a mass of complex standards that add to compatibility confusion.. Further, if you really wanted to keep your data secure, you had to do a tape backup onsite and also off-site. What a headache and time drain.

We wanted to give a glimpse of history because we’re now living in the era of big data. For instance by 2025, the IDC predicts the “global datasphere” will expand to 1 trillion gigabytes. Try saying that 10 times quickly. Just thinking about that many bites might cause a brain freeze, and this is the data that your business needs to protect. Thankfully, you can rely on cloud backup services.

There are many reasons why cloud backup services have transformed the traditional backup process. For starters, they present an intelligent solution combining smart software with cloud-based storage so that you no longer have to worry about varying tape standards and tape drive reliability. Next, you only have to pay for what you use – making this option the most cost-effective for any growth-oriented enterprise. According to an IDC and Statista survey, migrations to cloud backup services were the most popular cloud transition in 2018.

Would it be worth it if you could securely automate your company’s backup processes, even down to every company mobile device? Instead of tasking your IT team with burdensome tape backups, they can instead focus on building a hierarchical storage plan – with centralized management and visibility – that effectively makes sense for your organization.

What’s in the secret sauce of cloud backup services?

By utilizing cloud backup services, you gain access to a software-based storage infrastructure managed virtually. In fact, it can be managed all the way down to the byte level. For example, you have probably heard of some of the more popular infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers such as Amazon Web Services.

Moreover, you can decide how much storage you need depending on your data size, fluctuating bandwidth, security requirements, and data retention mandates. You might even opt for cloud backup services that provide fast-access to specific data types and limited access to sensitive data, which requires both notice and privileged user policy.

You can create policies for your IT staff and for how your data moves. All it takes is an initial setup process, and then you can access your data through any device with an Internet connection. Wave goodbye to physical servers, costly tape drives, and expensive warehouse space vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters.

Why are cloud backup services so beneficial?

After you configure your automated backup times, all of your data will sync without any further action needed. Cloud backup services fall into the “set it and forget it” category. Your automated backup routine will save your data automatically at the same time, or between the same intervals. As a result, your backups are always on schedule without any monitoring required.

Also, you can depend on quick recovery when needed. Leave the IT headaches behind you because now your IT team can feel free to focus on development and strategic tasks instead of worrying about managing backups. To go a bit further, you won’t have to hire additional IT staff to manage costly servers. And, cloud backup services can increase efficiency while allowing swift data access to employees whether they work onsite or remotely.

Are you still wondering which are the best cloud-based enterprise backup products available in the market? We list them down below:

● EMC Avamar
● Amazon Web Services
● Datto
● Microsoft
● Google
● Sugarsync

Transition to cloud backup services

With so many options in the cloud backup services market, it’s astounding that there are still enterprise companies relying on antiquated legacy systems without an intelligent data backup solution in place.

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