There isn’t any question that remote work is not only a rising trend, but it is likely here to stay. The excellent news is VoIP services at home allows companies to deploy remote working policies while ensuring remote staff is connected and productive. In this article, we will examine whether VoIP services are available at home while the momentum of remote work continues to climb. The flexibility and benefits of remote work are noticeable, and also, employees can take more precautions to reduce COVID-19 exposure. Not to mention, our culture has now embraced the “work-from-anywhere” philosophy with faster connection speeds on our mobile devices via 4G and 5G. So then, it makes sense that businesses would want to learn more about VoIP services at home.

Avoiding the office for safety and more productivity

Even before the pandemic, a FlexJobs survey found that 76% of respondents say that if they need to take on a critical project, they avoid going to the office. It makes sense because the “office” is rife with distractions from impromptu meetings to well-intentioned co-workers popping up in your cubicle, wanting to shoot the hay to lunch invites to unexpected phone calls, and more. After all of the distractions are taken care of, it leaves little more than a few hours to tackle important work tasks.

Remote work is no longer just a company perk; it’s reality

About a decade ago, telecommuting and remote work were considered company perks only for employees with tenure and specific positions – it wasn’t offered to every employee, nor was it expected. Nonetheless, many midsized businesses started testing remote work and hiring contract workers to compete with the enterprises. They discovered considerable cost savings and process efficiency improvements as a result.

One of the major driving forces behind remote work is increased network speeds and VoIP that enables connected telecommuting. Of course, there are challenges when working from home, but VoIP services at home help to remedy any issues. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers rushed to provide an adequate remote work environment and connections to ensure that staff would remain productive wherever they worked.

Consider how VoIP has become the unsung hero of the pandemic. Over 200 countries have been affected, and work-from-home or #WFH is the new normal. Many companies that still use analog phone services are considering making a permanent switch to VoIP. Now is the time to prepare for the future, and make sure your employees can communicate seamlessly regardless of where they are.

Let’s explore a few benefits of remote work:

  • Employees experience a better work-life balance.
  • Satisfied and happy employees are less likely to search for a job elsewhere and also less prone to job-related stress that can induce illness.
  • Bad weather won’t affect an employee’s ability to work.
Is VoIP available for home use?

Regardless of where employees are located, VoIP services ensure they can be reached wherever they are as long as they have an Internet connection. So, in a word, yes, VoIP is available for home use. Companies have been faced with the costs of transitioning office workers to a home-based office and the associated expenses such as offering company laptops and company phones. However, VoIP technology is an accepted standard in the business world known for improved customer satisfaction, productivity, enhancing efficiency, and cost savings.
Instead of purchasing hundreds of individual phones, a cloud-based VoIP solution keeps all staff on the same system with robust features that don’t require a large upfront investment. Even if your organization only has a dozen or so employees, a VoIP auto attendant can route calls to the right staff member at any time, whether it’s during working hours or take messages during non-working hours. If needed, VoIP services at home can work simultaneously with a remote call center or receptionist.

Another aspect to consider is the costs of physical equipment, installation, and maintenance. With VoIP services at home, you don’t have to worry about installation or maintenance as your service provider will perform all the heavy lifting. And, you can access detailed call reports on call traffic, call patterns, and more.

True flexibility

Remote workers enjoy the flexibility they now have. They can take work with them. In the digital era, there isn’t any reason to use any other communication technology outside of VoIP. Not only are VoIP services at home reliable, but they are also secure and come with a comprehensive set of features such as conferencing, texting, and call forwarding. Other features include:

  • Phone Menus
  • Queues
  • Toll-Free Number Services
  • Conference Bridges
  • Hold Music
  • Call Recording
Final thought

Remote work is here to stay, and forward-thinking companies need to decide what technologies to use to give them a competitive edge. It does take time and planning, but deploying VoIP services is a step in the right direction. VoIP services’ sheer flexibility at home will provide exceptional value to any business with permanent remote employees. Learn more about the leading VoIP services at home from SSI.