Building employee engagement through a digital workplace with hosted desktops and workspaces.

Beyond infrastructure, processes, and customer experience – increasingly business owners and leaders need to address employee production and efficiency. Moving to a full or partial “digital workplace” with hosted desktops and workspaces allows employees to work and innovate from anywhere with an internet connection.

Where do small and medium-sized business owners begin to make the transition to a digital workplace? has broken down 8 steps to transition to a hosted workspace. 


  1. Vision: Properly align your technology and business goals.
  2. Strategy: How long will your technology and hosted plan take?
  3. Metrics: What does success look like in a cloud environment?
  4. Employee experience: Keep your workforce at the forefront of your planning.
  5. Organizational change: Internal processes and personnel responsibilities need to be addressed.
  6. Process: Determining a detailed playbook for data and systems.
  7. Information: Maintaining security and access is a focal point of any hosted solution.
  8. Technology: Properly spec’ing and architecting your environment is critical.

That first “vision” step is a critical one. A technology partner and managed service provider like SSI can help you properly determine how technology can help you reach your business objectives.


Your digital workplace plan should align with business and digital transformation goals — and clearly answer why you want to overhaul your work environment. Remember, your goal is to increase employee engagement and productivity. Work closely with stakeholders, including business, HR and facilities managers, to shape the plan and execute changes, bearing in mind the workplace demographics and potential impact those changes will have. How will these efforts change business processes? Don’t make and execute on technology platform decisions until you achieve clarity and agreement on the digital workplace’s purpose and objectives. 

A partner in hosted business technology

Making the leap to a digital workplace and environment is great for empowering employees and streamlining your infrastructure.

SSI serves as a technology partner for organizations throughout the United States and the Philadelphia area. We help business and IT leaders with hosting solutions and technology management like helpdesk and user support.