Backup and Disaster Recovery Provider: 4 questions business owners and IT decision makers need to consider.

Businesses across the globe need a backup and disaster recovery plan. As ransomware and hacks continue to dominate headlines, organizations small and large, across industries need to have a plan for when their data is corrupted or compromised.

BizTech Magazine recently posted an article outlining the 4 questions and topics every business owner should consider when selecting a backup and business continuity provider.

They include: 

  • How fast is the storage?
  • How easy is it to scale and grow the storage?
  • Is there an archival option?
  • How does the cloud fit into your storage (backup) plan?

The article also discusses largely the need for data retention as a crucial part of a business continuity plan.

From BizTech:

There are several reasons for organizations to create and follow a data retention policy. First (…) companies need to ensure that important data can be brought back whenever it is lost or deleted.

Second, during a legal challenge or audit, organizations may be required to produce documents or data as evidence.

Finally, with a retention policy in place, IT staff will find it easier to determine which documents can be deleted and when — freeing up space and reducing storage costs as a result.

A backup and business continuity plan tailored to your business

Beyond backup and business continuity, having a holistic IT plan is crucial for any business. At SSI, we work with clients across the United States and Philadelphia area to find plans and solutions that fit their exact needs. From total managed IT service, to hosted cloud solutions and everything in between – our team of experts is standing by to help reduce downtime and improve your business security and efficiency with a suite of technology solutions.