When you’re trying to launch your small business – or keep your medium-sized business profitable by carefully monitoring costs – IT support can seem like one more unnecessary expense. But is reliable, high-quality technology support a luxury, or an investment? Can small business IT support actually help your business grow?

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes!

Need more convincing? Here are five ways small business IT support can help you stay profitable and grow sustainably:

1. Break Free from Excessive Hardware

Purchasing and maintaining servers, installing new phone lines and paying for additional software licenses quickly becomes unruly and eats into your budget. Cloud-based services such as VoIP and virtual or hosted desktops decrease your need for on-premises hardware and give you more control over equipment and software costs.

2. Work from Anywhere, at Any Time

Whether you’re answering emails at midnight or making edits to a document from the airport, you need flexibility to get things done. Office 365 and other cloud solutions help you read, download, collaborate and more from any location with an Internet connection, and sync automatically so everyone can access the newest version.

3. Eliminate Unexpected Downtime

Downtime is the enemy of a successful business. If your systems go down, you risk losing sales and racking up dissatisfied customers. A multi-layered security solution that battles malware, ransomware, data breaches and other threats is critical, as is 24/7 monitoring to spot and correct potential issues before they cause trouble.

4. Keep Tech Experts on Standby

When you have a problem with your house or car, you probably call your go-to repair person for help – and feel relieved when you hear their voice. IT support technicians serve the same purpose. Small business IT support includes access to trained experts who can answer questions and resolve tech issues – sometimes even 24/7.

5. Develop a Plan for the Future

Making technology investments without a strategic plan all but guarantees that you’ll buy solutions that don’t work for your business or don’t integrate successfully. A small business IT support expert can design a technology roadmap that helps you achieve your long-term goals and needs with fewer distractions and missteps.

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