Citrix Systems, Inc. is an American global software company that provides SaaS, cloud computing, networking, and server, application, and desktop virtualization. Essentially, applications are streamed from a centralized portal onto hosting servers and then published onto designated desktops and other devices. Further, Citrix managed services provides a digital workspace platform along with networking, security, and analytics technologies to provide a unified experience while facilitating a simplified, secure, and visible IT.

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of working with a Citrix managed service provider, like SSI, and why so many companies are now using this option to build out their IT infrastructure.

Utilize a reliable, stable IT environment

If your IT system goes down your entire workforce, or at least large portions of it, may be left unable to work. This can result in missed deadlines, unnecessary overtime, stress, and more. Your Citrix managed service provider will know their managed environments inside and out and can often resolve issues quickly.

If employees are constantly struggling to deal with a buggy environment or downtime, they’ll struggle to get the full value out of your IT infrastructure. This results in inefficiency, which can slow down projects, hurt the bottom line, and more. A managed service provider will ensure your environment is running optimally and when problems do emerge, they can address it quickly and with expertise.

Citrix Managed Services eases staffing challenges

Some companies may want to build their IT infrastructure internally, but it’s hard finding capable IT staff these days. Even if you hire great employees another company may poach them in short order. With Citrix Managed Services, you never have to worry about talent leaving. A top-notch Citrix managed service provider will have talent on hand 24/7.

If you build your own infrastructure and key personnel leave on short notice, you may have to scramble to maintain your environment. And lost staff could result in lost knowledge, forcing you to backward engineer systems and processes. With a Citrix managed service provider, you don’t need to worry about such hassles.

Extract the full value of Citrix services and solutions

One of the biggest challenges with any software or IT solution is extracting the full value. Your team members are often on tight timelines and can’t afford to learn a software or IT solution inside and out. As a result, usage is suboptimal and many employees will overlook potentially useful, if not game changing, features.

Your Citrix managed service provider will know how to fully utilize the solutions at hand. Working alongside your team members, your managed service provider can provide advice, insights, and training to employees.

This will allow them to fully utilize the Citrix managed services solutions on hand. Indeed, a provider can identify working groups, workflows, processes, and more that can be improved with the right Citrix solutions. This will result in better end user experience. Outside of efficiency, this may also reduce stress and keep spirits high.

Reduce stress across the board

IT and software solutions offer a lot of convenience. However, they can also create many headaches. IT departments are often overwhelmed trying to support software and IT solutions. Meanwhile, managers and team members outside of IT are often on tight deadlines, when the IT environment breaks down, stress can rise quickly.

In a worst-case scenario, tensions between different departments can erupt. The once efficient workplace environment may suddenly become stressful and beset by office politics. With a Citrix managed service provider, you can rely on quick solutions and implementation. This may reduce stress and help your team maintain unity.

Increase global and remote integration

Many companies, including SMEs, now operate on a global scale with teams scattered across time zones, national borders, and more. Further, an increasing number of companies are looking to reduce costs by leveraging remote teams and work, which can reduce spending on office space and the like.

Yet global and remote teams often require a flexible and powerful IT environment and infrastructure that can support them no matter their location. A Citrix managed service provider will empower your team world-wide, providing them with a reliable IT infrastructure while also making them less reliant on in-company IT departments.

The right managed service provider will reduce costs

Add it all up and not only will a Citrix managed service provider increase output by increasing efficiency, better value extraction, and improved morale, but you may also reduce costs. For one, hiring IT staff is expensive, but so is purchasing the hardware and software necessary to establish a top-notch IT environment.

Utilizing Citrix technology can deliver tremendous economies of scale in terms of human capital, hardware, and software. This helps Citrix managed service providers to deliver an exceptional value proposition to companies large and small. Add in stability and fewer disruptions, and you’ll not only be able to count on reduced costs today, but tomorrow and beyond.

Take-away: A Citrix managed service provider gets it done

SSI can implement a managed Citrix environment that will empower your employees whether they’re working out of your main office, or remotely on the other side of the world, while also reducing your own staffing needs. Best of all, Citrix Managed Services offer a great value proposition and will reduce both IT hang ups and associated headaches.