Recently, BOSS Magazine profiled the almost 20-year-old law firm Chartwell Law, focusing on how technology played a key role in the firm’s successful growth early in the pandemic. As the article points out, Systems Solution, Inc. (SSI) was instrumental in helping Chartwell Law scale during challenging times while controlling risk.

Here’s an overview of SSI’s winning engagement with Chartwell Law. Check out the full article in BOSS Magazine for all the details.

The Challenge

Despite the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chartwell Law chose to open multiple new offices in 2020 to meet an increasing demand for legal services. Because of the increase in staff and the transition to remote workplaces, Chartwell needed to strengthen its cybersecurity efforts, particularly around employee awareness education.

The Solution

Due to Chartwell’s decades-long relationship with SSI, the managed service provider could implement new security technology and develop user security awareness training quickly. Chartwell’s CTO Maor Levy stated that “Eventually the most common threat issues come from user error, and we put our efforts into educating our users on what looks suspicious.”

By understanding Chartwell’s security needs and challenges, SSI helped the firm grow from 40 employees to more than 350 while still reducing risk.

Read the Full BOSS Magazine Article

“Time on Their Side: How a Most Unwelcome Change Agent Is Accelerating the Technology Journey of Chartwell Law.”

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