Have you noticed that your IT manager spends more time putting out fires than working on higher-cognitive tasks? It is easy for IT managers and staff to get overwhelmed trying to manage every IT component without support from outsourced IT services.

Further, many IT professionals don’t have enough hours to stay on top of the latest technology trends and cyber security issues to manage the daily IT operations for businesses. After a day of tackling problems, there are only a few hours each month to work on innovation or even proactive activities such as enhancing cyber security.

Therefore, it makes sense for many businesses to use outsourced IT. As a result, your IT manager can work on tasks related to their background and IT expertise. Now, let’s talk about what IT services can be outsourced.

Commonly outsourced IT services

There isn’t any question that outsourced IT is rising in popularity. Here are the services that are used most:

IT Maintenance

Maintenance is an oft forgotten but essential IT task. However, when your IT team is bogged down in addressing daily issues, it’s challenging to make maintenance a priority. On the other hand, outsourced IT services such as IT maintenance can help relieve some of your IT team’s workloads by offering relevant services, tools, and resources.

One crucial aspect of IT maintenance includes patches and updates. Unfortunately, many cyber security issues arise when the IT team puts off the task of updating. Yet, outsourced IT can ensure your applications are always up to date and ensure that the latest versions will integrate with your current infrastructure before deployment.

Moreover, managed IT services will proactively monitor services and desktops to identify any anomalies that may cause problems down the road. A managed IT services vendor will take this proactive step to mitigate any potential issues before they cause larger issues. If something looks suspicious, you have a team who will take the steps needed to analyze and make sure it does not affect cyber security or business continuity.

Tech support

In the digital era, everyone works through a computer interface. And, in the business world, manual tasks are quickly becoming a thing of the past. As a result, employees will need tech support from the IT team to resolve daily problems such as a server crash or even a laptop failure. Instead of overwhelming your IT team with help desk management, outsourced IT services can take over tech support so that your in-house team has more time to work on forward-thinking projects.

Using outsourced IT services, your employees have access to help desk experts 24/7 who can address an issue in the same timeframe as an in-house team. Any complex issue is also sent to a specialized team.

Outsourced IT can be as hands-on as you prefer. If you want your IT team involved, you can partner with a vendor for the occasional quick fix. Some companies would like their in-house team to work on higher-cognitive projects to outsource their tech support entirely.

Cyber security

There isn’t any question that cyber security is one of the most pressing issues facing every business today, and it’s also one of the most outsourced IT services. Cyber threats are continually evolving, and you need the right tools at the right time. Many companies don’t have the resources, the expertise, or the time to address the escalating threats.

An outsourced IT services partner will meet with your company to address any loopholes in your current cyber security strategy and infrastructure. Then, they would provide customized recommendations and offer adequate tools, services, and backup to not only prevent data breaches but to make sure that your systems stay up and running.

So, what is the answer to which IT services can be outsourced? The answer is everything. Nonetheless, it’s critical to determine what you need to outsource and how you make your vendor selection.

Usually, server and network maintenance are outsourced since many organizations do not sufficiently maintain their server and network environment. Also, if these types of activities are not handled properly, they can create serious risks. If only one person in the company knows how to maintain the server and network environments, and that person takes a leave, no one else in the organization will know what to do.

Outsourced IT services are vital for success in the always-on era. You don’t have to hire and retain expertise in-house, yet, you have the IT services you need when you need it and only pay for the services you use.

Managed IT Services from a trusted provider

When it comes to outsourced IT, you want to select a trusted vendor who takes the time to understand your business needs while developing a proactive IT strategy for maintenance, tech support, and cyber security.

In these aspects, SSI stands apart because we provide our customers the same level of support we use ourselves. For instance, we would not recommend any IT tools or services we don’t already use. Further, we don’t deploy strategies that we wouldn’t implement within our infrastructure.

Are you ready to see the SSI difference? Let’s talk about what outsourced IT services we can relieve from your in-house team.