There isn’t any question that data breaches have been trending upwards. If there are legal ramifications attached to cyber attacks, they can become quite serious very quickly.

There are real threats to sensitive data, and many industries are mandated to be compliant with specific standards — especially when managing customer data. Consider the fact that there are HIPAA, COBRA, GDPR, CCPA, Federal and IRS reporting duties, and more. Each regulation has its own set of guidelines, standards, and objectives. For instance, HIPAA requires covered organizations to comply with sector-wide guidelines around protecting personal healthcare data. Without IT compliance services, many companies would fail to meet these standards.

If you possess sensitive IT assets, then meeting compliance is a given. In many places, comprehensive rules and regulations are governing online data such as:

  • Cyber security
  • Data integrity
  • System integrity
What is IT Compliance-as-a-Service?

IT Compliance-as-a-Service’s concept was designed for businesses to utilize IT consulting firms that offer pre-configured cloud services already meeting specific regulations. For example, a managed services provider can make adjustments to ensure HIPAA compliance using a method called “Included Functionality.”

There are two components of compliance: The management of compliance and the integrity of the systems used to prove compliance. Today, IT compliance services are on the rise in parallel with the surge in digital data sharing and storage of information that impacts every department from finance to human resources.

So then, IT compliance services is about using the right measures and controls to protect, extract, store, secure, and distribute data based on federal, state, and local mandates. Internal compliance functions may revolve around the organizational structure of the business. On the external side, it can revolve around protecting the company and the customer from a data breach. As a result, specialized digital tools are required to continuously audit, identify, monitor, and report any potential threats.

On the other hand, IT governance is about managing and addressing technical and procedural processes. IT governance works as a subset of the corporate governance processes overseen by executives within the company, such as the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). Invariably, many businesses do not have the resources to hire and retain a swath of C-suite professionals, and this is where IT compliance services can help.

What is compliance analysis?

At the most basic level, compliance analysis is the first step towards full compliance. The objective is to review your current systems and infrastructure to determine where modifications are needed. Next, IT consulting takes place to guarantee compliance. Services also include security monitoring, data backups, disaster recovery, patch management, antivirus deployments, and detailed and consistent reporting.

Benefits of IT Compliance-as-a-Service


There aren’t enough hours in the day to track every compliance-related issue or to manage big data without technical support. The good news is you can subscribe to Compliance-as-a-Service that already has pre-built behaviors following regulatory guidelines. IT compliance services include the required encryption levels and configurable data protections.

Compliance-as-a-Service simplifies the compliance process while also offering education and employee training to ensure the entire organization is compliant.


You don’t have to develop compliant systems from scratch. Trying to meet every regulation without help is, at a minimum, overwhelming and time-consuming. Instead, you can subscribe to IT Compliance-as-a-Service. The solution is configured based on both the needs of your business and the regulations you must follow. Overall, you receive time savings and can instead focus on what you do best.

Receive automated updates

A managed service provider will adjust their services to keep up with evolving regulations and standards so that your company remains compliant. The good news is you won’t have to worry about when or how to update your systems as all updates are automated to your advantage.

Trying to meet compliance requirements without assistance can be an exercise in futility for some. IT compliance services are designed to take the burden off your company’s shoulders. However, it is still your responsibility to implement the right policies and guidelines and encourage a compliance culture within your organization.

Final thought

Meeting compliance is a top priority for every organization. If your systems are not in compliance, the damages and exorbitant fines could cause irrevocable harm.

At SSI, we provide a wide range of IT compliance services that include IT consulting, managed IT, and Compliance-as-a-Service. Our framework is customizable to simplify compliance across various regulations and offer the flexibility to adapt to new regulations. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, IT compliance services are the right solution.