In the digital era, businesses are invariably adopting more sophisticated technologies to run daily operations and embarking on various stages of digital transformation. Yet, with a larger technology stack also comes challenges that many organizations are not prepared to address.

When it comes to the IT help desk, their fundamental job is to support your operations – to ensure the connection between business and technology is fruitful and working as intended. With a solid IT help desk by your side, everyone can be happy around the technology front. Unquestionably, your help desk is your ally.

Unfortunately, many small-to-midsize businesses either do not have an effective help desk if any at all. Next thing you know, something as small as the Wi-Fi disconnecting can have disastrous effects on daily profits. Without a help desk, businesses won’t have the ability to focus on their core mission as they will be occupied putting out tech fires.

As it stands, any business who relies on technology will need an outsourced help desk. Not only do they not have to worry about the cost of human resources, but they will have access to expertise and the right resources when issues erupt unexpectedly.

Why are outsourced help desk services the best choice for your business? Keep reading to learn more.

As we move forward in the always-connected marketplace, we have found the outsourced help desk surging in popularity? Why? For starters, a help desk is now considered an essential for organizations of any size. The last thing any business needs is for their staff to be bogged down with technical issues instead of working on strategic initiatives that can help the business grow.

Further, technologies are now evolving at a rapid clip in the always-on world. It can be overwhelming for companies to try to keep up with the latest innovation, much less understand how to maintain the system or how to link it to existing stacks of technologies. When your teams are scrambling just to stay on top of their workload, it leaves less time for focusing on what they do best or even spending time with customers. So then, it simply makes sense to outsource help desk services. Here are a few of the most vital reasons:

1. A calm IT environment
What can compare to knowing your IT infrastructure is in the hands of capable experts? Having the peace of mind that comes with knowing you don’t have to worry about your IT systems can be invaluable. If systems do ever go down, it is under control. In addition, you no longer have to overload your staff with issues they are not trained to address. So then, your business operates more effectively, your employees are happier, and in consequence, your customers are happier.

2. Access to expertise
You don’t have to spend upwards of six figures every year hiring the best in the industry to benefit from expertise. With an outsourced help desk, you can interact with professionals who have the best training and the latest certifications to help with any issue on your plate. Moreover, they are motivated to help you since your success relates to their success.

3. Improved response times
When you have an outsourced help desk with a reliable partner, you can expect timely response time. Tickets are monitored to ensure that all remediation is processed ASAP. Why would you outsource your help desk if your issues aren’t met on time anyway?

4. Agility
Stop putting obstacles into your workflows by taking your employees away from their expected tasks. Even if you have an IT crisis, outsourcing your help desk means you have experts on your side who have the ability to remediate any issue. Leave the troubleshooting to certified professionals.

5. Cost reductions
Instead of worrying about the costs related to sourcing and training more people, your business can remain agile and scalable with the right outsourced help desk. When your demands change, whether it be seasonal or due to a spike in traffic, you will always have a resource available to process tickets and ensure consistent support. Therefore, you can work on growing your business as intended.

6. A better customer experience
During a surge in tickets, the most frustrating scenario is one where technical support is slow or nonexistent. It is never fun to try to determine the root cause of the IT issue or to deal with an independent support technician who is inexperienced. If your business runs time-sensitive operations, any delays can create an emergency. Moreover, a lapse in relevant IT support can prove disastrous for any business.

Work can flow so much easier when your employees can contact your outsourced help desk and receive quick support. No one needs to be burdened with exorbitant wait times or rookie technicians who can’t figure things out.

7. Updated reporting
If you want to keep track of every detail, you can with tickets that offer metrics such as the average time it takes a ticket to close and the average number of tickets per day. You can view the ticket logs via a centralized portal.

8. Assistance with bugs and other issues
Bugs can quickly become a nightmare causing hung screens and severely limiting the ability of your employees to do their jobs. What you can do is rely on an outsourced help desk to ensure bugs never get in the way of your workflows again.

9. On-call support
It is quite the calming feeling when you know that you have outsourced help desk support technicians who are on call 24/7. If something wreaks havoc on your systems at midnight, you don’t have to jump out of bed to try to figure everything out. Your outsourced help desk team will handle the unexpected issues, but they may be few and far between based on the next reason…

10. Preventative maintenance
Prevention is the key to operating frictionless systems. Whether you need bug-fix isolation or root-cause analysis, you can count on your outsourced help desk to take it one step further with proactive and corrective maintenance for all your critical applications. It never hurts to be one step ahead of any unforeseen problems.

11. Focus on the core business mission
Far too many businesses waste time and resources on non-core company functions. If a business loses its focus on strategic objectives then the consequences may include a decrease in productivity, revenues, and customer satisfaction. In contrast, when you have the time to focus on your core business mission, you can help your business to flourish, keep your employees engaged, and maintain a great customer experience.

Make the right choice

In the increasingly mobile world, businesses are scrambling to become more innovative. Nonetheless, it is critical to retain focus on what you do best. For non-core functions such as the help desk, it simply makes sense to outsource so that you can free up your resources, time, and capital. The team at SSI is ready to help. What are you waiting for?