As businesses grow by hiring more employees, accepting larger orders and opening additional facilities, the need increases for scalable enterprise IT support. Large companies are turning to managed technology services and cloud computing options to solve this problem and optimize their business.  

Here are four ways enterprise IT support can help increase the efficiency of your business:  

1. Predictable IT Costs 

The idea of owning your network servers and operating them under your roof sounds good in theory. However, when you start crunching the numbers, you’ll realize that owning, operating and maintaining your hardware is a vast and unpredictable expense. Thats why companies are choosing to invest in enterprise IT support solutions. These solutions give enterprise businesses more control over the cost of their equipment and software by selecting the services they need. Some of these services include cloud-based solutions, off-site servers, cybersecurity, vCIO, hosted workspaces and more.  

2. Work Anywhere 

Today’s workforce is no longer confined to their desks to get things done. With cloud solutions like Office 365, all your employees need is an internet connection and access to your company’s cloud service. These services allow you to collaborate on projects simultaneously from separate locations, downloading and sharing files while having a digital backup ready in the event of a disaster. 

3. Prevent Downtime  

As more and more business systems move to the cloud, your company can’t waste a second on downtime. Every minute your network is down, it costs your company potential leads, sales and revenue. In the event of a malware attack, hardware failure or natural disaster, an enterprise-class cloud hosting solution will allow your business to access critical programs and data wherever, whenever.  

4. Continuous Support and Maintenance 

Running a network for a large business is not something that can be ignored. Updates, patches, desktop support and new technology integration are just some of the necessary tasks needed to be done regularly to stay one step ahead of cyber threats to your business. By partnering with a company offering enterprise IT support, you’ll have a dedicated team of experts and technicians on standby ready to handle all your routine maintenance and support needs. Plus, you’ll be able to free up your internal technology department so it can work on other projects.  

With over 30 years of experience, SSI provides unparalleled enterprise IT support to companies in a wide variety of fields. We know large-scale businesses require specific needs and our team of engineers and techs are ready to help you. Learn more about enterprise IT support or contact us now to get a free IT assessment.