Organizations across the globe are struggling to find answers for ransomware protection. Regardless of size or industry, businesses are being forced to deal with new strains of malware that pop up as soon as old ones are put down.

How are businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprise, supposed to keep up in this evolving and devolving environment? Protecting your organization, employees, and clients require more than simply malware and cybersecurity protections. A fully-formed ransomware protection plan includes remediation and mitigation for when an attack does happen.

With a managed service provider like SSI, SMB’s gain industry-leading technology solutions and pair it with unparalleled, personable service.

One of those world-class partners, Datto, says ransoware protection comes down to three steps; education, security, and backup.

From Datto:

  • Education: Education is essential to protect your business from ransomware. It’s critical that your staff understands what ransomware is and the threats that it poses…
  • Security: Antivirus software should be considered essential for any business to protect against ransomware and other risks. Ensure your security software is up to date to protect against newly identified threats. Keep all business applications patched and updated to minimize vulnerabilities…
  • Backup: Modern total data protection solutions take snapshot-based, incremental backups as frequently as every five minutes to create a series of recovery points. If your business suffers a ransomware attack, this technology allows you to roll-back your data to a point-in-time before the corruption occurred.

Ransomware threats like WannaCry and Notpetya aren’t going anywhere. It is incumbent on businesses of all sizes to protect the data of their clients and their employees.

At SSI, we work with businesses every day to tailor solutions to their exact needs. Whether it’s complete business continuity planning, backup or disaster recovery, we have the solutions and the resources to safeguard your data. SMB or Enterprise, we work as an extension of your team to deliver an experience unlike any other.

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